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Primary Resources     Discover thousands of primary teaching resources for single and mixed aged classes in Key Stages One and Two and Reception including full schemes of work for Maths and English, sets of lesson plans for all National Curriculum subjects and Religious Education, whole class interactive PowerPoints and teaching resource packs to help support and extend classroom teaching.

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Spelling Support
Ideas and activities to support the children's progress in spelling to enable them to become fluent and proficient writers
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Easter Poems
Lesson plans and activities to help the children compose and perform poems to illustrate different Easter themes and ideas

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Resources New Topics for Reception
Resource Preview Pet Handbook
Produce a class book about how to care for and look after a pet dog

     Resource Preview Letter Frames
Add letters to complete spellings of cvc words with the same final sound

     Resource Preview Counting 10ps
Practise counting and matching in tens up to five set of coins

Resource Preview Art Gallery
Write simple sentences to use as captions for pictures of different

     Resource Preview Picture Captions
Practise writing simple sentences to describe objects featured in different pictures

     Resource Preview Smallest Number
Compare the value of pairs of numbers to ten, twenty and thirty

Resources New Topics for Key Stage One
Resource Preview Seed Planting
Multiply single digit numbers by ten using concrete objects and repeated addition

     Resource Preview Number Arrays
Make arrays of shapes to show the meaning of multiplication statements

     Resource Preview Spring Flowers
Identify and spell words with the vowel digraph oo, ew and u-e

Resource Preview Sorting Bottles
Practise sorting bottles by their capacity using fractions, litres and millilitres

     Resource Preview Jugs and Cups
Record the capacity of different containers using non-standard measurements

     Resource Preview Red Riding Hood
Read and answer comprehension questions about the content and structure of a story

Resource Preview Holiday Reports
Plan and write non-chronological reports about different holiday occupations

     Resource Preview Body Data
Collect information and data to enter and organise using a pictogram

     Resource Preview Holiday Jobs
Read and write non-chronological reports about different occupations

Resources New Topics for Key Stage Two
Resource Preview Decimal Splits
Practise splitting decimals using number bonds when adding pairs of numbers crossing whole numbers

     Resource Preview Decimal Parts
Use partitioning to add pairs of decimal numbers that bridge across whole numbers

     Resource Preview Spring Picnic
Identify and record the correct spellings of words with the suffix ation

Resource Preview Centimetres and Millimetres
Convert different lengths recorded in millimetres into centimetres

     Resource Preview Centimetres and Metres
Convert different lengths recorded in millimetres into centimetres

     Resource Preview Christian Bible
Read and answer comprehension questions about the structure and organisation of the Bible

Resource Preview The Water Horse
Investigate different narrative techniques used by authors to open stories

     Resource Preview Island Exports
Investigate some of the special products traded from different islands

     Resource Preview Mystery Places
Read and perform poems with expanded noun phrases to describe mystery locations

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