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Primary Resources     Discover thousands of primary teaching resources for single and mixed aged classes in Key Stages One and Two and Reception including full schemes of work for Maths and English, sets of lesson plans for all National Curriculum subjects and Religious Education, whole class interactive PowerPoints and teaching resource packs to help support and extend classroom teaching.

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SATs Survival
Information and advice to ease the children's worries and anxieties as they take in compulsory testing
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Spelling Support
Ideas and activities to support the children's progress in spelling to enable them to become fluent and proficient writers
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Times Tables
Strategies to help the children learn and recall the times tables facts to support mastery of number calculations

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Resources New Topics for Reception

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Counting to Twenty
Count, compare and order sets of objects to twenty and identify the matching numbers using words and numerals
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Letter Frames
Add letters to complete spellings of cvc words with the same final sound
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Pet Dogs
Investigate how families can care for and look after pet dogs.

Resources New Topics for Key Stage One

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Solve multiplication number problems working in twos, fives and tens using concrete equipment and picture arrays
Resource Preview
Farm Toys
Design and make toys with a farm theme that include a movement mechanism
Resource Preview
School Statistics
Use pictograms to present and organise data and information about the school

Resource Preview
Container Capacities
Shade different containers to match vocabulary words for capacity
Resource Preview
Park Visit
Select vocabulary to describe activities during a visit to a park as part of a poem
Resource Preview
African Animals
Identify and correct spellings of words with the vowel digraph ea

Resources New Topics for Key Stage Two

Resource Preview
Practise adding, subtracting, dividing and multiplying decimal numbers to solve measurement and money problems
Resource Preview
Investigate how to shape and combine materials to produce sculptures representing different sports
Resource Preview
Explore some of the political and physical features of different island communities

Resource Preview
The Water Horse
Investigate characters, settings and events in an extended narrative story
Resource Preview
Number Groups
Build five digit numbers by combining tens of thousands, thousands, hundreds, tens and ones
Resource Preview
School Measurements
Identify and record objects around the school to match different lengths

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