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Primary Resources     Discover thousands of primary teaching resources for single and mixed aged classes in Key Stages One and Two and Reception including full schemes of work for Maths and English, sets of lesson plans for all National Curriculum subjects and Religious Education, whole class interactive PowerPoints and teaching resource packs to help support and extend classroom teaching.

Resources New topics for Key Stage Two

English scheme of work following the National Curriculum to plan and write a magazine article about an environmental issue
Resources New topics for Key Stage One

English lesson plan following the National Curriculum to practise converting sentences into the past tense to describe beach activities
Resources New topics for Reception

Teaching activities and classroom resources to make a model of a pet animal by moulding and shaping clay

Download     Resources For Schools and Teachers
The schemes of work and lesson plans cover the National Curriculum subjects for all primary school ages. Each of the activities follow the National Curriculum learning objectives and programmes of study for Key Stages One and Two and the Foundation Stage Framework for Reception to help develop a creative curriculum, enrich learning and support a busy classroom teacher.

For one small fee, you can discover thousands of primary resources to support your work in the classroom. Most of our teaching activities can be edited and adapted to meet the needs of your class. One payment gives you access to all of our primary resources for Reception and Key Stages One and Two. Sign up to Clickteaching to discover thousands of schemes of work, lesson plans and teaching resources to support your teaching.

Download     Resources Schemes of Work and Lesson Plans
Download and edit our English and Maths schemes of work and lesson plans for all curriculum subjects. All of our resources can be used to help teach the programmes of study for the new National Curriculum. Each scheme of work includes differentiated teaching activities and interactive PowerPoints to support whole class teaching.

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Download     Resources Teaching Resource Packs
All of our schemes of work and lesson plans come ready supplied with individual, pairs and group differentiated activities to help teach each topic and unit. Each activity can be used in conjunction with one of our schemes of work or lesson plans or you can adapt and edit the activities for your own classroom needs.

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Download     Resources Interactive PowerPoints
We have also built interactive teaching activities for whole class teaching to help introduce topics and test the children's understanding of key concepts and skills. The activities can be downloaded and edited to meet the needs the children in your class. They can either be used as a complete lesson or you can use the interactive activities individually to reinforce key skills and concepts.

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