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Primary Resources     Discover thousands of primary teaching resources for single and mixed aged classes in Key Stages One and Two and Reception including full schemes of work for Maths and English, sets of lesson plans for all National Curriculum subjects and Religious Education, whole class interactive PowerPoints and teaching resource packs to help support and extend classroom teaching.

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Winter Weather
Lesson plans and teaching ideas to help the children develop skills in all curriculum areas by investigating the effect of winter on landscapes, climate and animals
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Fresh Start
Classroom activities and teaching ideas to help your class settle into the new school term by reviewing past achievements and setting new targets

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Resources New Topics for Reception

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Explore a type of animal that has adapted to living in winter conditions

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Shape Halves 
Practise drawing and dividing different 2D shapes into two equal halves

    Resource Preview
Match and complete simple sentences to describe different winter activities

Resources New Topics for Key Stage One

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Discuss and record reasons why a particular predator lives in a pond habitat

    Resource Preview
Word Games 
Play games to identify and match the final sounds in different words

    Resource Preview
Farm Animals 
Practise sharing different numbers of animals to ten into two groups

Resource Preview
Tadpole to Frog 
Explore the life cycle of animals in one particular type of habitat

    Resource Preview
Word Match 
Identify and match pairs of words with the same final sounds

    Resource Preview
Quarter Hours 
Read and record times of activities using quarter hours on an analogue clock face

Resources New Topics for Key Stage Two

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Fruit Juices 
Calculate the numbers of cups that can be filled from different capacities of fruit juices

    Resource Preview
Battle of Marathon 
Investigate the history and development of the marathon race in Ancient Greece

    Resource Preview
Convert comic books into narrative fiction to explore story structure

Resource Preview
Shadow Theatres 
Combine materials to build a theatre to use with shadow puppet characters

    Resource Preview
Story Writing 
Plan and write an extended story about superheroes based on comic book texts

    Resource Preview
Seas and Oceans 
Use commas to embed relative clauses in different sentences about sailing

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