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Animal Height 
atch sets of statements to describe the height of different animals

New Resources
Punctuate sentences that are statements or questions using full stops or question marks

New Resources
Identify and describe physical features found on the continent of Europe

New Resources
Word Search 
Identify prepositions used in sentences to indicate where, when or why something happened<

New Resources
Practise using different graphs and charts to present and organise data on a range of topics


Key Stage One   These are some of the comments about our schemes work, lesson plans and primary classroom resources that have been sent to us by teachers who use our teaching resources in their own classrooms.

If you have any questions or queries about the teaching resources that you can download then please contact us. We'd love to talk to you about teaching and how we can support your work in the classroom.

link Thank you for all the excellent planning and useful resources you have provided me over the years! I have recommended your site to several other teachers!  Frances P

link For many years I have been subscribing to your excellent lesson plans and ideas. Thanks again for such interesting lesson plans and schemes of work they certainly made my life much easier when I was planning! Caroline H

link Thank you for your brilliant support you have saved me countless hours and helped me to deliver interesting lessons over the years. Jan S

link I have found your site the most useful planning site I've used and its given me lots of very useful, usable ideas - and saved a lot of hassle. Karen I

link A super resource and has certainly made teaching a different year group much easier. Liz H

link Thank you for the lessons plan ideas and the lovely resources which saved me a lot of time. Claire B

link I have enjoyed using your resources and know that colleagues have been using click teaching as a result of seeing the benefits. Brenda B

link Thank you very much for all your superb ideas, lesson plans and worksheets. They have been a great help to me over the years. Thank you for saving many of my Sundays. Linda C

link May I thank you for the fantastic resources provided on the site over the many years that I have subscribed to your site.. Janis P

link I have found your resources very helpful over many years and have recommended you to many colleagues. Fiona C

link Thank you for all of your hard work that helps saves hours of our time! I find your plans and resources incredibly useful. Sarah E

link I love the new formats, planning ideas and PowerPoints which my class love as a maths warm up activity. Caroline H

link Thank you for your amazing plans and resources that I have found invaluable. I only wish I had found you earlier in my career. Jane F

link I would like to say what a huge help your site has been to me for many years and I will continue to recommend it! Laura M

link I am really impressed by the new style maths plans very user friendly and helping me to cut down a bit on the hours of planning I end up having to do!. Caroline H

link Throughout my time subscribing to clickteaching I have found the resources extremely useful in my teaching. Alyson D

link Thank you for your excellent service and resources that have made life so much easier when teaching. Jill L

link Thank you for all of the wonderful resources that I have accessed so far from my account. The children have thoroughly enjoyed them!! Emma M

link I have much appreciated the resources and help available to me through this teaching support and will recommend it to new and 'old' teachers and all those working in education. Eileen B

link I have recommended CLICKTEACHING to many friends. Clare L

link Thanks for the excellent resources over the last 3 years. Carol R

link I have recommended it to all my colleagues. Liz P

link I have to say thank you for the resources you provided last year as I found them invaluable. Ann P

link A brilliant website for teachers, which I would definitely recommend to others. Anna E

link Just joined the site and I've been really inspired with my planning for the coming year. Lou W

link I love the plans you guys provide. Rae-Anna W

link Thank you for all the wonderful resources. Allison M

link Thank you for your wonderful site which I have found invaluable in the past.I would recommend you and your resources to any teacher. Liz G

link I would like to offer my warmest thanks for the wonderful service that you have provided...The quality of the materials and the choice of texts has been fantastic and developed both literacy and a love of reading in my children. N Collier

link I would like to say that you have been an invaluable resource and have recommended this site to many colleagues. Tracy G

link I want to say that I LOVE your site - I can't believe I have only just discovered it, but already it has saved me hours and hours of stress and work. The quality of the resources are excellent. Wendy Pike

link Can I just say how impressed I am by how quickly you respond to comments and concerns. I think that out of all the teacher resources I have purchased over the years this really is the best value you for money. My husband is pleased that I now spend far less on books for work. Jessica Steele

link Just wanted to say thank you thank you thank you for the fabulous new framework planning. So easy to use and resources are right there next to planning. So easy to find. This will definitely make me keep renewing my subscription. Jayne Procter-Blain

link I certainly do intend to renew my subscription. I just wanted to say your site has been absolutely great and it goes from strength to strength. Suzanne Fletcher

link I just wanted to say how much I love the writing mats for some of the KS2 science topics. They are fantastic to support many of my pupils with their writing skills. Thank you very much! Carole Cooper

link Many thanks for your response. My headmaster, after completing an observation, complimented me on my worksheets for literacy - clickteaching worksheets - so thank you for them too! Annette Dye

link Have really enjoyed using your service, excellent value for money. Amanda Edney

link Wow! Great site - I use it every week to help with my planning. Martin Steadman

link Thanks for a superb site of resources. Mrs Barrick

link I wanted to say thank you for emailing me and giving me information about new things, this is a very good site, and i really enjoy using it. I hope to hear from you soon. Nafisa

link Thank you for your regular updates and the great resources you offer. Jaydie David

link What a fantastic site, you have saved many hours of making worksheets for my classes. Liz

link Your idea sounds great and once again clickteaching has come to my rescue. Many thanks for that AND for getting back so quickly to me Annette

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