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Body Drawing
Develop sketching skills and techniques when drawing parts of the human body

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Body Data
Use spreadsheets to help organise and interrogate data and information

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Body Sounds
Devise and perform sounds to represent different parts of the human body

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Practise skills in making different balances using the floor and gymnastic equipment


This is a preview of all of the schemes of work, lesson plans, teaching activities and interactive PowerPoints that you can download when subscribing to Clickteaching. You won't be able to download any of the files but it should give you an idea as to the full range of primary teaching resources available. You can visit the examples page to access some full examples of our lesson plans and activities.

Key Stage One   Activities to help the children investigate the circulatory system in humans and identify healthy lifestyle. You can download the ZIP file to access all of the teaching files in this section or you can select each individual file to meet the needs of your class or teaching group.

If you have suggestions for other resources that we can add to this section then please drop us a message. We'd love to add teaching activities that you need to help support your classroom teaching.

Resources Animals including Humans - Lesson Two
Resource Preview Planning and Assessment   
Planning and assessment materials to help the children investigate organs connected to the circulatory system in humans and discuss and identify healthy lifestyles

Resource PreviewBody Systems   
Identify the names, locations and functions of the main organs of the human body as preparation for exploring the circulatory system
     Resource PreviewCirculatory System   
Identify the location and function of different organs of the human body used for circulation
     Resource PreviewThe Heart   
Create a model to demonstrate the different parts and function of an organ in the circulatory system

Resource PreviewThe Lungs   
Investigate the function of the lungs in supporting the circulatory system
     Resource PreviewRespiration   
Plan and conduct an investigation to identify the link between circulation and respiration
     Resource PreviewBlood   
Explore the constituents of blood and how it supports body systems

Resource PreviewHealthy Heart   
Design posters to illustrate ways to look after the heart and circulatory system
     Resource PreviewCirculation Presentation   
Compose a presentation for a younger age group to explain the functions of organs in the body
     Resource PreviewHealthy Living   
Identify, classify and sort different types of food into groups

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