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New Resources
Little Bird 
Activities to help the children read and respond to a traditional story poem

New Resources
Garden Art 
Practise using different natural materials found in a garden to create artwork

New Resources
Word Contractions 
Identify pairs of words that have been contracted together using apostrophes

New Resources
When and How 
Add fronted adverbials to sentences to explain when and how things happened

New Resources
Decimal Numbers 
Use symbols for greater than and less than to compare sums of addition calculations


This is a preview of all of the schemes of work, lesson plans, teaching activities and interactive PowerPoints that you can download when subscribing to Clickteaching. You won't be able to download any of the files but it should give you an idea as to the full range of primary teaching resources available. You can visit the examples page to access some full examples of our lesson plans and activities.

Key Stage One   Activities to help the children extend sentences by inserting relative clauses into sentences using commas. There are resources for whole class and group teaching as well as independent learning which can be adapted to meet the needs of your class. You can download the ZIP file to access all of the teaching files in this section or you can select each individual file to meet the needs of your class or teaching group.

If you have suggestions for other resources that we can add to this section then please drop us a message. We'd love to add teaching activities that you need to help support your classroom teaching.

Resources Relative Clauses
Resource Preview The Secret Garden
Practise adding extra information to sentences from a story using relative clauses

     Resource Preview Five Children and It
Use relative clauses to help extend sentences about characters taken from a work of classic fiction

Resource Preview Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
Practise using relative clauses to change sentences taken from a work of classic fiction

     Resource Preview Winter Sports
Practise using commas to embed relative clauses in sentences

Resource Preview School Lessons
Embed relative clauses into sentences to describe lessons for new pupils to the school

     Resource Preview Haunted House
Embed relative clauses to describe objects and locations for use in a story

Resource Preview Seaside
Practise adding relatives clause to modify nouns in sentences about the seaside

     Resource Preview Santa's Reindeer
Identify where to use commas to embed relative clauses in sentences about the reindeer who pull Santa's sleigh

Resource Preview Seas and Oceans
Use commas to embed relative clauses in different sentences about sailing across a sea or ocean

     Resource Preview Sentence Clauses
Practise using commas to embed relative clauses in different sentences

Resource Preview Sentence Extensions
Practise adding relative clauses to extend sentences and describe sentence subjects and objects

     Resource Preview What else do you need?
If you have any suggestions for additional lesson plans and activities please contact us so that they can be added to this section

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