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New Resources
Little Bird 
Activities to help the children read and respond to a traditional story poem

New Resources
Garden Art 
Practise using different natural materials found in a garden to create artwork

New Resources
Word Contractions 
Identify pairs of words that have been contracted together using apostrophes

New Resources
When and How 
Add fronted adverbials to sentences to explain when and how things happened

New Resources
Decimal Numbers 
Use symbols for greater than and less than to compare sums of addition calculations


This is a preview of all of the schemes of work, lesson plans, teaching activities and interactive PowerPoints that you can download when subscribing to Clickteaching. You won't be able to download any of the files but it should give you an idea as to the full range of primary teaching resources available. You can visit the examples page to access some full examples of our lesson plans and activities.

Key Stage One   This scheme of work is designed to complement our planning for the National Curriculum to provide extra support and guidance in teaching the programmes of study using a range of strategies and methods. All of the lessons can be taught in sequence or you can choose individual lessons to help the children master particular aspects of the curriculum.

If you have suggestions for other resources that we can add to this section then please drop us a message. We'd love to add teaching activities that you need to help support your classroom teaching.

Resources Maths Champion - Year Two - Number and Place Value
Resource Preview Number Frames
Use diagrams to represent numbers to one hundred in words and digits
     Resource Preview Words and Digits
Practise reading and writing two digit numbers in words and digits

Resource Preview Number Lines
Record the position of two digit numbers on different sized scales
     Resource Preview Tens and Ones
Identify the place value of digits in a two digit number

Resource Preview Money
Identify 10ps and penny coins in money amounts to one pound
     Resource Preview Number Squares
Compare and sort sets of two digit numbers by the place value of the digits

Resource Preview Number Splits
Record how to partition two digit numbers into tens and ones
     Resource Preview Number Sums
Select tens and ones to complete addition number sentences

Resource Preview Number Steps
Identify how the place value of digits change when counting in tens

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