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New Resources
What Shapes 
Investigate objects around the school shaped as cuboids and cylinders

New Resources
Capital Letters 
Identify words in sentences that should be written with capital letters

New Resources
Quarter Lengths 
Select lengths to match one quarter of different measurements in centimetres

New Resources
Produce a classroom museum display about a range of Anglo-Saxon historical artefacts

New Resources
Sentence Lists 
Practise using a colon to introduce a list containing multiple phrases and clauses


This is a preview of all of the schemes of work, lesson plans, teaching activities and interactive PowerPoints that you can download when subscribing to Clickteaching. You won't be able to download any of the files but it should give you an idea as to the full range of primary teaching resources available. You can visit the examples page to access some full examples of our lesson plans and activities.

English   This scheme of work is designed to complement our planning for the National Curriculum to provide extra support and guidance in teaching the spelling, punctuation and grammar programmes of study. We recommend using each activity as two separate standalone sessions during the course of a particular week. Each activity matches the content of the schemes of work to help the children review and consolidate skills.

If you have suggestions for other resources that we can add to this section then please drop us a message. We'd love to add teaching activities that you need to help support your classroom teaching.

Resources SpagStar Planning - Year 2 Summer Term
Resource Preview 1e - Word Corrections
Identify correct spellings of words with dge and ge endings
     Resource Preview 1e - Word Pairs
Match pairs of words that can be used to form different contractions

Resource Preview 2e - Missing Words
Identify words that begin with the same phoneme but different spellings to complete sentences
     Resource Preview 2e - Animal Homes
Use apostrophes to indicate possession in word phrases about where animals live

Resource Preview 3e - Sentence Clues
Discuss and define the meaning of words with the or phoneme sound
     Resource Preview 3e - Animal Lists
Use commas to help punctuate lists about different animals

Resource Preview 4e - Word Groups
Identify and group words with the or and ar phoneme sounds
     Resource Preview 4e - Sentence Lists
Practise using commas to write lists about animals

Resource Preview 5e - Word Meanings
Identify and discuss meanings of words with the suffix tion
     Resource Preview 5e - Nouns and Adjectives
select different adjectives to describe nouns about an animal

Resource Preview 6e - Word Sums
Practise adding the suffix ion to word roots with no spelling changes
     Resource Preview 6e - Sentence Changes
Select powerful synonyms to describe nouns in sentences

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