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New Resources
Count back to calculate the difference between pairs of numbers

New Resources
Familiar Settings 
Record activities that could occur before and happen different story events

New Resources
Castle Walls 
Test different ways of joining materials to build a castle wall

New Resources
Explore ways of adding animations to text and graphics on a multimedia slide

New Resources
Decimal Lengths 
Solve problems by dividing lengths in whole and decimal numbers


This is a preview of all of the schemes of work, lesson plans, teaching activities and interactive PowerPoints that you can download when subscribing to Clickteaching. You won't be able to download any of the files but it should give you an idea as to the full range of primary teaching resources available. You can visit the examples page to access some full examples of our lesson plans and activities.

Key Stage Two   Activities to help the children develop and practise skills in running, jumping and throwing. There are resources for whole class and group teaching as well as independent learning which can be adapted to meet the needs of your class. You can download the ZIP files to access all of the teaching files in each section or you can select each individual file to meet the needs of your class or teaching group.

If you have suggestions for other resources that we can add to this section then please drop us a message. We'd love to add teaching activities that you need to help support your classroom teaching.

Resources Athletics
Resource Preview  Jumping
Practise different jumping abilities for length and height

     Resource Preview  Throwing and Catching
Develop and refine skills in throwing and catching balls

Resource Preview  Target Throwing
Practise controlling and sending balls to strike different targets

     Resource Preview  Running
Practical activities to help develop running and sprinting skills

Resource Preview  Athletic Skills
Practise and refine different running, jumping and throwing skills

     Resource Preview  Class Games
Develop running, jumping and throwing skills in a competition

Resource Preview What else do you need?
If you have any suggestions for additional lesson plans and activities please contact us so that they can be added to this section

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