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New Resources
Plant Needs 
Identify things needed to help plants grow and practise growing a plant from a seed

New Resources
Shape Quarters 
Identify and record different ways to divide a range of 2D shapes into four equal quarters

New Resources
Hours and Minutes 
Sequence, match and record different times to show the links between hours and minutes

New Resources
Block Graphs 
Discuss how to organise, present and interpret data shown using a block graph

New Resources
Family Visits 
Practise using the perfect form of verbs to describe events during family visits


Key Stage One   These are some of the newest resources recently added to Clickteaching. Most of our teaching activities can be edited and adapted to suit the needs of your classroom. Your subscription allows you to access all of our resources for the Foundation Stage, and Key Stages One and Two. You can also download some examples of our resources to help you decide if you would like to join. If you have any questions about the resources we offer please contact us so that we can help.

Resources New Resources - Key Stage Two
Resource Preview Compass Angles
Identify turns on a compass that are bigger and smaller than a right angle of ninety degrees

Suitable for Year 5
    Resource Preview Clock Angles
Identify examples of different types of angles between pairs of numbers on a clock face

Suitable for Year 5

Resource Preview Ticket Prices
Identify the value of digits in different money amounts to sort them into numerical order

Suitable for Year 4
    Resource Preview Rounding Money
Estimate sums of pairs of items by rounding them to the nearest whole pound

Suitable for Year 4

Resource Preview Calendar Months
Identify, compare and describe monthly dates using an annual calendar

Suitable for Year 3
    Resource Preview Hours and Days
Identify and calculate the number of days and hours in different units of time

Suitable for Year 3

Resource Preview Animal Groups
Practise using diagrams and sentences to compare animals that live in a family garden

Suitable for Year 5
    Resource Preview Animal Watch
Write a report about a particular type of animal that visits a family garden

Suitable for Year 5

Resource Preview Garden Habitats
Describe and compare habitats in a family garden suitable for different animals

Suitable for Year 4
    Resource Preview Family Portraits
Practise sketching skills when drawing portraits of different members of a family

Suitable for Year 3/4


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