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New Resources
Family Holidays 
Role-play and describe different activities that can happen on a seaside holiday

New Resources
Coin Sums 
Practise adding different groups of coins with money totals that sum to 20p

New Resources
Holiday Journeys 
Select the correct homophone to complete sentences about forms of transport

New Resources
Kitchen Masses 
Calculate the mass of different foods in a kitchen by comparing their measurements

New Resources
Practise using semi-colons to link independent clauses in sentences


Key Stage One   These are some of the newest resources recently added to Clickteaching. Most of our teaching activities can be edited and adapted to suit the needs of your classroom. Your subscription allows you to access all of our resources for the Foundation Stage, and Key Stages One and Two. You can also download some examples of our resources to help you decide if you would like to join. If you have any questions about the resources we offer please contact us so that we can help.

Resources New Resources - Key Stage Two
Resource Preview What Instruments
Learn vocabulary to describe a range of musical instruments including high and low pitch

Suitable for Year 3/4
    Resource Preview High and Low
Sort sounds produced by musical instruments into groups according to their pitch

Suitable for Year 3/4

Resource Preview Word Match
Identify word roots that can be changed by the addition of the suffix tious

Suitable for Year 6
    Resource Preview Jungle Trek
Practise using colons to introduce a list in sentences from a recount of an activity

Suitable for Year 6

Resource Preview Word Endings
Use a spelling rule to know how to add the suffix cial to different word roots

Suitable for Year 5
    Resource Preview School Changes
Practise using commas to separate commas and phrases in sentences about how to improve the school

Suitable for Year 5

Resource Preview Length Fractions
Identify and calculate fractions of different lengths by converting between metres and kilometres

Suitable for Year 5
    Resource Preview Kilogram Masses
Solve a range of number problems by converting measurements between grams and kilograms

Suitable for Year 5

Resource Preview Shape Symmetry
Identify and record where lines of symmetry can be found on different 2D shapes

Suitable for Year 4
    Resource Preview Shape Halves
Complete different shapes and patterns using lines of symmetry

Suitable for Year 4


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