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New Resources
New Resources
Check out some of the latest English, Maths, Science and topic schemes of work, lesson plans, teaching resources and interactive activities

New Resources
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Key Stage One   These are some of the newest resources recently added to Clickteaching. Most of our teaching activities can be edited and adapted to suit the needs of your classroom. Your subscription allows you to access all of our resources for the Foundation Stage, and Key Stages One and Two. You can also download some examples of our resources to help you decide if you would like to join. If you have any questions about the resources we offer please contact us so that we can help.

Resources New Resources - Key Stage Two
Resource PreviewFossils   
Explore some of the different animals and plants that lived millions of years ago by examining a range of fossils
     Resource PreviewPaleontology   
Explore how scientists such as Mary Anning observe and study a range of different living things from the past
     Resource PreviewExtinction   
Investigate some of the different changes to living things over time and record reasons why some become extinct

Resource PreviewCar Lengths   
Measure and record the lengths of a range of different parts of a car using centimetres and millimetres
     Resource PreviewMatching Mass   
Select and match a range of different masses recorded in grams and kilograms
     Resource PreviewVegetables   
Select and add pairs of masses of a range of different vegetables in grams using number calculation skills

Resource PreviewInventions   
Compose and punctuate sentences using semi-colons to describe and explain a range of different inventions
     Resource PreviewBlack Beauty   
Practise writing sentences to describe story characters from a work of classic fiction by a significant author using semi-colons to link independent clauses
     Resource PreviewAlice in Wonderland   
Practise using relative clauses to change different sentences taken from a work of classic fiction by a significant author

Resource PreviewClassroom Lengths   
Identify and record the lengths of different objects around the classroom to match and convert measurements in centimetres into metres
     Resource PreviewLength Lines   
Select and add pairs of lengths in centimetres and millimetres and record matching sets of lines
     Resource PreviewFarming   
Solve a range of measurement length problems using addition and subtraction calculations


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