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New Resources
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New Resources
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Key Stage One   These are some of the newest resources recently added to Clickteaching. Most of our teaching activities can be edited and adapted to suit the needs of your classroom. Your subscription allows you to access all of our resources for the Foundation Stage, and Key Stages One and Two. You can also download some examples of our resources to help you decide if you would like to join. If you have any questions about the resources we offer please contact us so that we can help.

Resources New Resources - Key Stage One
Resource PreviewWhat Location   
Identify and record some of similarities and differences between a range of different locations
     Resource PreviewIsle of Skye   
Select and list questions that can be used to compare living on a small island with other locations
     Resource PreviewIsland People   
Identify and describe some of the different jobs and activities that can be completed on an island

Resource Preview
Toy Vehicles   
Practise sorting a range of different objects into groups according to their matching properties
     Resource Preview
Number Plates   
Identify and record different ways of sorting numbers into matching groups by their properties
     Resource Preview
Identify and record ways of sorting pupils in the class by their individual characteristics

Resource PreviewStone Soup   
Read and respond to a traditional story to identify and record the sequence of narrative events
     Resource PreviewBook Reviews   
Compose reviews for a range of different fiction and non-fiction books
     Resource PreviewGoldilocks and the Three Bears   
Read and answer different comprehension questions based on the content and structure of a traditional story

Resource PreviewMoving Toys   
Investigate and test ways of using and moving a range of different toys
     Resource PreviewWhat Vehicles   
Identify and record the different parts that can be found on a range of vehicles
     Resource PreviewWheels and Axles   
Investigate and test a range of different ways of attaching wheels to toy vehicles


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