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New Resources
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New Resources
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Key Stage One   These are some of the newest resources recently added to Clickteaching. Most of our teaching activities can be edited and adapted to suit the needs of your classroom. Your subscription allows you to access all of our resources for the Foundation Stage, and Key Stages One and Two. You can also download some examples of our resources to help you decide if you would like to join. If you have any questions about the resources we offer please contact us so that we can help.

Resources New Resources - Key Stage One
Resource PreviewAdvent Boxes   
Select and shape a range of different materials to make a set of decorations that can be used to count down to Christmas
     Resource PreviewChristmas Wall Trees   
Practise shaping a selection of different materials to produce a 3D decoration of a Christmas tree to display on the classroom wall
     Resource PreviewSnowman Pebbles   
Select and shape a range of different materials to make 3D snowman decorations for Christmas

Resource PreviewThank You Santa   
Compose and write a personal letter to Santa Claus to thank him for a present received at Christmas
     Resource PreviewChristmas Eve   
Practise writing a recount to describe a range of different family activities that can happen on Christmas Eve
     Resource PreviewSanta's Postcards   
Identify and select vocabulary to describe some of the different places visited by Santa Claus on holiday

Resource PreviewWhat Bread   
Taste, describe and compare a range of different types of bread that can be used for making sandwiches
     Resource PreviewSandwich Recipe   
Select different foods and record the steps needed to make a favourite type of sandwich
     Resource PreviewSandwich Preparation   
Prepare and taste a range of different foods that could be used on a selection of sandwiches

Resource PreviewChristmas Bakery   
Use concrete equipment and diagrams to share sets of items bought at a bakery for Christmas into equal groups
     Resource PreviewFamily Christmas Party   
Use counting on to add two digit numbers and tens to calculate the prices of items needed for a family party at Christmas
     Resource PreviewChristmas Market   
Calculate numbers of items sold at a Christmas market by subtracting ones from different two digit numbers


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