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Key Stage One   Please use the information below to find out more about the company and team behind Clickteaching and how we can support your classroom work in primary education using our services. If you have any questions or queries about our website then please contact us so that we can help. We'd love to talk you to about teaching and the services that we offer.

Resources About Us
Clickteaching is owned and managed by Paul Carter, who has been involved in primary education for over twenty-five years teaching all primary age groups and subjects. Paul is passionate about providing the best range of teaching resources and activities to create stimulating and exciting classroom environments enabling children of all abilities to exceed their capabilities.

Clickteaching regularly reviews and updates their teaching resources to make sure that any lesson plans and schemes of work utilise any new teaching methods or technologies whilst retaining all of the aspects of classroom teaching and learning that have proven successful in the past.

    All of the teaching materials available on Clickteaching have been developed and written by qualified teachers who specialise in primary education. We believe teachers are the best people to create stimulating and engaging teaching resources and activities to meet the demands of the modern curriculum. Clickteaching is dedicated to supporting the busy primary classroom teacher in their daily work. Our team works hard to create teaching opportunities that allow the children to develop their knowledge and skills and enrich learning.

We thrive on feedback from the teachers who use our resources in their own classroom. Working together we can produce teaching resources that can stimulate the children's natural learning curiosity.

Clickteaching's philosophy is to keep classroom teaching simple. We don't believe in gimmicks and tricks. Good teaching and learning develops from concentrating on a set of basic skills and knowledge that the children can use to access all areas of the curriculum and life. We utilise consistent teaching and learning techniques that allow the children to investigate and explore topics to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding and provide the children with a lifelong enthusiasm for learning.

If you have any suggestions about how our resources can be improved or ideas for new teaching activities please contact us. We'd love to talk to you about teaching and how we can support your work in the classroom.

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 Send an email to: support@clickteaching.com

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