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New Resources
Beach Combing 
Identify and compare different materials found on a beach by their properties

New Resources
Word Building 
Practise adding the prefix un to change the spelling and meaning of root words

New Resources
Home Times 
Calculate the duration of different activities at home in minutes

New Resources
Plants and Flowers 
Interpret and explain information shown on line graphs about plants

New Resources
Family Pets 
Read and interpret information about pet animals presented on pie charts


New Resources   Learning packs for distribution to pupils in your class that they will be able to complete at home with minimal adult support. The learning packs cover topics and key skills and concepts in Maths, English and Science. They also include activities for other subjects that can be completed safely around the home or garden to develop the children's artistic, problem solving skills and their knowledge and understanding of the world.

If you have any suggestions for topics that could be included in our home learning packs then please contact us so that they can be added to this section

Resources Home Learning - Year Six - Maths and Numeracy

Activities matched to summer term planning for angles in geometry

Resource Preview Measuring Angles
Measure and classify angles of different shapes around the home using a protractor

     Resource Preview Clock Angles
Use a protractor to measure the angle of turns between different numbers on a clock face

Resource Preview Supplementary Angles
Measure, calculate and record pairs of supplementary angles that sum to 180 degrees

     Resource Preview Circle Angles
Measure and calculate the sizes of different angles when dividing circle shapes

Resource Preview Isosceles Triangles
Identify and calculate the value of angles in different isosceles triangles

     Resource Preview Parallelogram Angles
Identify and calculate the value of angles in different parallelogram shapes

Resource Preview Reflex Angles
Identify, measure and calculate examples of reflex angles in different shapes


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