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New Resources
Family Holidays 
Role-play and describe different activities that can happen on a seaside holiday

New Resources
Coin Sums 
Practise adding different groups of coins with money totals that sum to 20p

New Resources
Holiday Journeys 
Select the correct homophone to complete sentences about forms of transport

New Resources
Kitchen Masses 
Calculate the mass of different foods in a kitchen by comparing their measurements

New Resources
Practise using semi-colons to link independent clauses in sentences


New Resources   Learning packs for distribution to pupils in your class that they will be able to complete at home with minimal adult support. The learning packs cover topics and key skills and concepts in Maths, English and Science. They also include activities for other subjects that can be completed safely around the home or garden to develop the children's artistic, problem solving skills and their knowledge and understanding of the world.

If you have any suggestions for topics that could be included in our home learning packs then please contact us so that they can be added to this section

Resources Home Learning - Year Three - English and Literacy

Activities matched to summer term planning (1f)

Resource Preview Word Families
Identify and match families of words that can be linked by their spellings and meanings

     Resource Preview Speech Marks
Practise using inverted commas to punctuate sentences containing direct speech

Activities matched to summer term planning (2f)

Resource Preview Word Building
Select and match prefixes and suffixes that can be added to different word roots

     Resource Preview Questions and Answers
Practise writing and punctuating answers to questions written using direct speech

Activities matched to summer term planning (3f)

Resource Preview Word Suffixes
Identify suffixes that can be added to different roots to make a range of words

     Resource Preview Hare and the Tortoise
Identify and discuss the structure and content of a traditional fable

Resource Preview Story Dialogue
Practise writing and punctuating dialogue for use in different types of stories


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