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New Resources
Ice Cream 
Complete number sentences to practise adding one and two to numbers to twenty

New Resources
Seven Days 
Select and use vocabulary to describe the sequence of the seven days of the week

New Resources
Number Squares 
Compare and sort sets of two digit numbers by the place value of the digits

New Resources
Use times tables facts and concrete apparatus to multiply numbers by eleven

New Resources
Space Journey 
Select and use conjunctions to add extra clauses to sentences

ty of different sized vessels using litres and millilitres


New Resources   Learning packs for distribution to pupils in your class that they will be able to complete at home with minimal adult support. The learning packs cover topics and key skills and concepts in Maths, English and Science. They also include activities for other subjects that can be completed safely around the home or garden to develop the children's artistic, problem solving skills and their knowledge and understanding of the world.

If you have any suggestions for topics that could be included in our home learning packs then please contact us so that they can be added to this section

Resources Home Learning - Year One - Maths and Numeracy

Activities matched to summer term planning for multiplication and division

Resource Preview Counting Tens
Practise counting in steps of ten to one hundred by completing and using diagrams

     Resource Preview Ten Pin Bowling
Practise counting in tens to match groups of objects to one hundred

Resource Preview Counting Twos
Identify and record equal groups of different sets of objects and numbers

     Resource Preview Fish Tank
Practise counting in twos to match groups of objects to twenty

Resource Preview Adding Groups
Identify numbers of equal groups of two objects to match products to twenty

     Resource Preview Animal Doubles
Practise doubling numbers of animals to ten using diagrams and number lines

Resource Preview Sharing Cubes
Practise sharing numbers of cubes to twenty into two equal groups



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