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New Resources
Little Bird 
Activities to help the children read and respond to a traditional story poem

New Resources
Garden Art 
Practise using different natural materials found in a garden to create artwork

New Resources
Word Contractions 
Identify pairs of words that have been contracted together using apostrophes

New Resources
When and How 
Add fronted adverbials to sentences to explain when and how things happened

New Resources
Decimal Numbers 
Use symbols for greater than and less than to compare sums of addition calculations


Key Stage One   Please use the information below to help manage your subscription with Clickteaching and find answers to any queries that you might have about your account and our services. If you cannot find the information that you need then please contact us so that we can help further. We will always try and reply within 24 hours.

Resources Help - Changes and updates to the site
Six Month Subscriptions
We can now offer the change to pay for your subscription at six monthly intervals. This subscription option renews automatically every six months from the date when you first joined Clickteaching. You can cancel this account at anytime and still access the resources until your subscription expires. If you currently have an annual subscription then you can switch to a six monthly payment when your current agreement is due for renewal. You will need to contact our support team who can then transfer the subscription agreement.

Mixed Age Planning
We are currently updating all of our English and Maths planning for mixed aged classes over the course of this school year. All of the plans for sets A and B will be fully updated using our new planning format with improved teaching activities and interactive PowerPoints to provide full support for your classroom teaching. If you have any suggestions about how any of these mixed age schemes can be developed please contact us so that we can discuss your idea and add it to our development plan. We'd love to have the chance to make sure that our teaching resources match what you need on a daily basis in your classroom.

PDF Files
All of our new and updated teaching files can be downloaded using both black and white and full colour versions of each activity sheet to help reduce the cost of printing and make it easier to photocopy materials for your class. For activities that are largely graphic based we will only provide a PFDF file to preserve the formating. If you need an editable version of aPDF activity please contact our support team who will be happy to provide a copy of the file as a Word Document. Any resources which are largely text based will be presented with both PDF and Word document files so that you can edit the text to meet the needs of your class.

Account Renewals
If there is a problem with your payment when your account is renewed will we now send a special code that you can use to renew at your current subscription rate. If you have not received a email please check the junk folder in your mail program to see if the message has been filed incorrectly or contact us so that we can help further.

English Extra
We are developing some new schemes of work to support our English planning. Each scheme comes complete with a sequenced set of full lesson plans with matching classroom materials and Interactive PowerPoints. We have also included home learning tasks and assessment activities for each topic. The schemes of work cover important celebrations and festivals throughout the school year and provide coverage of a range of text genres to support the children's literacy skills and knowledge. We'll be continuing to add new schemes of work to this section throughout the school year.

Topic Planning
When we publish new curriculum topics or update our existing activities we will now included a medium term plan to indicate the progression in objectives and learning outcomes. There will also be a home learning activity that the children can use to develop further understanding when working independently from home. Each topic plan will also include an assessment record sheet to help keep track of the children's achievements against the selected learning objects. There will be also an evaluation sheet that the children can use to assess their own progress in the skills and knowledge for each topic unit.

Maths Champion
We have started developing a new scheme of work for Maths. We have divided the programmes of study in the 2014 National Curriculum into a series of learning goals. There are full lesson plans with matching resources and interactive PowerPoints to help you teach each separate learning goal. You can either choose to follow our recommended teaching order for each unit or you can select individual lessons to build your own scheme of work to support maths mastery in your classroom. We have already developed teaching resources for number and place value and addition and subtraction using mental and written calculation skills. We'll be publishing teaching materials for other topics and units over the forthcoming school year.

School Subscriptions
Get your school to sign up for a school subscription with Clickteaching and get a full refund of your individual subscription if your last payment is within six months prior to your school opening their account. Please contact us for further information.

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 Send an email to: support@clickteaching.com

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