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Key Stage One   Please use the information below to help manage your subscription with Clickteaching and find answers to any queries that you might have about your account and our services.

If you cannot find the information that you need then please contact us so that we can help further. We will always try and reply within 24 hours. Please double check your spam/junk folder if our reply has not reached your Inbox.

Resources Help - How to download and use our teaching files
link What fonts do you use for your resources?
Some of our older teaching resources have been created using the Primary Sassoon font. However, we now use standard fonts that should already be available on your device. This is to make it easier to adapt and edit our resources. We have found that because of the multitude of devices now used to access the Internet if we used a more limited font that is not on your device it would present a number of formatting problems. If you are using a Word document and the text looks incorrect or does not fit into the boxes correctly please use the PDF version of the file to avoid all formatting problems.

link What is the best device to use to access Clickteaching?
We have checked that our site works correctly on all operating systems and a number of Internet devices. However, we recommend using a desktop or laptop to access the files as this makes it easier to adapt our teaching materials to suit the needs of your class. When accessing the site we recommend using the Firefox Internet browser which provides the perfect environment to use our site and files safely and quickly.

link What can I do if a file fails to open?
If you click on one of our file names and nothing appears to be happening please double check that your Internet connection is active by opening another application as you could be reading one of our pages taken from your Internet browser history in offline mode. Depending on your device operating system, you should also double check that a security window has not opened behind the browser window. It might also help to download the file directly to your hard drive rather than opening the file in an Internet browser window as this can cause your system to hang depending on available resources. You should be able to right-click on a file name to choose the option to download directly to your hard drive which can then be opened using an office type application. It would also be useful to check that you have not disallowed the downloading of files in any anti-virus software on your system,

link How do I download a resource?
Click into one of the subject sections and select a topic listed by year group or key stage. From here you will see a list of resources for that subject or topic area. Next click on the title of the resource that you would like to download and view. Clickteaching recommends opening the file directly from the site. You also have an option of saving the file to your hard drive.

link Do you have resources in other formats?
Most or our libraries present the resources in multiple file formats. Choose the format you require by clicking on the file name (formats include: Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Excel).

link How long will it take?
Next to the title of each resource is an indication of the file size. The bigger the file size the longer it takes to download. Due to the nature of the internet download times can be quicker or slower at different times of the day.

link How big are the files?
Many of our resources are under 100kb in size and should take less than half a minute to download. We have used a compression program [a zip file] so that you can download all of the files needed for a particular lesson or activity.

link What type of file will I get?
Most of our resources are presented in Adobe Acrobat (pdf). We have chosen this type of file because it can be read across all computer platforms. It enables our resources to be viewed and used by everybody. However, some of our resources for reasons of usability are presented in other formats. The type of file is listed next to the name of the resource. Please check that you have the correct program before downloading.

link It seems to be taking ages to load.
Sometimes the web seems to slow down. This is due to the number of users connected to our site and the path that the data has to take between Clickteaching and your Internet service provider. Unfortunately, sometimes routes between websites and your computer become blocked and the information takes longer to arrive. Under these circumstances, it is better to wait a few seconds to see if the situation improves rather than click on the stop or refresh button. All resources should open in a new window so that you can continue browsing whilst waiting for the resource to download.

link There seems to be pieces missing on the page.
If you are downloading resources using Acrobat Reader, you might experience some occasions when it appears that parts of the resource are missing. Acrobat reader will report that the page is done in the bottom left hand corner of the window when it is still downloading other elements in the background. If some parts of the page are missing then you need to click the refresh button or reload the entire page to bring up the missing parts. If you continue to have problems then try saving the file to your hard drive.

link The Microsoft Word files will not open.
If you cannot open and view the resources in Microsoft Word then try saving the files to your hard drive. Right-click on the file for word documents and choose the option to 'save target as'. From here select a location on your hard drive to save the file and then click OK. You will then be able to browse to where the file has been saved and double click on the file to access the resource.

link Are your resources differentiated?
All of our schemes of work and lesson plans come with any differentiated activity sheets as necessary. We use the abbreviations of S for support, C for core and E for extension to indicate three levels of work for any particular activity. Some of our mixed aged Maths and English schemes of work have four levels of differentiation to cover the range of abilities in these classes.

link Still having problems? Please use one of the options below

 Send an email to: support@clickteaching.com

by letter Send a letter to: Clickteaching 27 Old Gloucester Street London WC1N 3AX

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