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Key Stage One   Please use the information below to help manage your subscription with Clickteaching and find answers to any queries that you might have about your account and our services.

If you cannot find the information that you need then please contact us so that we can help further. We will always try and reply within 24 hours. Please double check your spam/junk folder if our reply has not reached your Inbox.

Resources Help - How to cancel
link How can I cancel my account on WorldPay?
If you purchased a single user subscription with auto-renew, you can cancel your subscription account yourself by logging into the shopper management system at WorldPay. You will need to use your WorldPay login details that were emailed to you when you first joined Clickteaching. If you do not have a copy of these login details then you can get WorldPay to send you a copy to your registered email address using the forgot your login page.

After logging into the WorldPay site, you need to cancel the FuturePay agreement for your account. The number for this agreement should have been included at the top of the message sent by Clickteaching advising you of the renewal of your subscription. You will receive a confirmation message from WorldPay to confirm that your account has been cancelled. If you still cannot access your payment details then please If you have questions about this privacy policy please contact us. and we can arrange for a copy to be sent to your registered email address.

If you purchased a standard single user subscription then this account will not automatically renew and will expire one year after making payment. You will receive a reminder message shortly before your account is due to expire.

link How else can I cancel my account?
You can cancel your account by logging into the member's section of Clickteaching and choosing the manage your account section in the help page. You can use the form on this page to cancel your accout. Please note that if your account is due to be renewed within twenty fours then you should use the WorldPay site to cancel the subscription agrement in case the account is not cancelled before it renews.

You can also cancel your account by sending an email to support@clickteaching.com. You will need to send us a message at least 24 hours before your account is due to be renewed otherwise we cannot guarantee that it will be cancelled in time and you will then need to apply for a refund.

Please ensure that you are contacting us from the registered email address for your account to avoid any delay in the cancellation of your account. It would also be useful if you could confirm your account username and postcode in any message sent so that we can double check we have cancelled the right account. You will always receive a confirmation message from WorldPay and Clickteaching confirming that your account has been cancelled.

link Can I still use my account after cancelling?
You can cancel your account and still access the resources on Clickteaching until your subscription expires. If you do not wish for your account to automatically renew then you need to ensure that it is cancelled before your renewal date. You will always receive a reply to confirm that your account has been cancelled.

link Can I get a refund?
You may cancel and receive a full refund of your subscription within fourteen days of your payment as long as you have not downloaded any of our teaching resources files (Word Documents [DOC], Portable Document Files [PDF], Microsoft PowerPoints [PPS, PPT] and Zip files [ZIP, WINRAR] from the secure member's section during the 14 days period. You need to specify in a cancellation email to support@clickteaching.com that you are cancelling within fourteen days of your payment and have not downloaded any of our teaching resources files in order for the refund to be processed. Any other refunds beyond the fourteen day period are at the discretion of the management.

link Still having problems? Please use one of the options below

 Send an email to: support@clickteaching.com

by letter Send a letter to: Clickteaching 27 Old Gloucester Street London WC1N 3AX

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