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New Resources
Check out some of the latest English, Maths, Science and topic schemes of work, lesson plans, teaching resources and interactive activities

New Resources
School Blog
Information to help support your classroom teaching covering a range of topical issues about school life


New Resources   Information to help support your classroom teaching covering a range of topical issues about school life. There are ideas to help you manage your classroom and inspiration to help bring your lessons alive for the children.

If you have any suggestions for topics that could be covered in our blog then please contact us so that they can be added to this section

Resources World Space Week
Resource Preview Space is an exciting curriculum topic that can fire the children's imagination in all subjects. It can help the class explore scientific concepts about space that are experienced on Earth such as the force of gravity and tides created by the Moon. The children can gain a full understanding of the place of Earth in the Solar System and the wider universe. The class can identify how the Earth moves around the Sun witnessed by changes to daytime and nighttime and the size and position of shadows.

Working in English, the children can explore some of the text features of science fiction by reading and writing stories about space travel and the future. The class can develop their skills in art and design by creating models of planets and rockets using a range of materials and techniques. Through music the children can develop skills in producing compositions to reflect space travel using duration, volume and pitch. The children can investigate the history of the space race and how the landing on the Moon changed technology and politics back on Earth.

Resource Preview Sky Observations
Teaching activities to get the children to identify and sort information into groups about the different objects that can be seen in the sky They can differentiate between views of the land and the sky.

Recommended Teaching Group: Reception

Resource Preview Robot Commands
Computing lesson plan to help the children devise sequences of commands to help direct a floor robot around a grid. The class can suggest how they might control a robot moving across the surface of a planet.

Recommended Teaching Group: Year 1

Resource Preview Planet Sounds
Music teaching activity to help the children create short pieces of music to represent one of the planets. The class can use compositions by Gustav Holst to create their own examples of music.

Recommended Teaching Group: Year 2

Resource Preview Space Helmets
Art and Design lesson plan to help the children use different materials and techniques to make a model of an astronaut's space helmet. The class can explore the history of the Sputnik and Apollo space programmes to design their own models.

Recommended Teaching Group: Year 3/4

Resource Preview Space Race
History teaching activities plan to help the children explore how the space race in the 1950s and 1960s heralded technological, cultural and political changes to the world.The class can research and write a report about a significant event in the space race

Recommended Teaching Group: Year 5/6

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