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New Resources
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New Resources
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Information to help support your classroom teaching covering a range of topical issues about school life


New Resources   Information to help support your classroom teaching covering a range of topical issues about school life. There are ideas to help you manage your classroom and inspiration to help bring your lessons alive for the children.

If you have any suggestions for topics that could be covered in our blog then please contact us so that they can be added to this section

Resources Team Sports
Resource Preview Getting the class to participate in different team sports and games can help them develop and practise skills which can then be transferred to other areas of the curriculum. Playing a team game can teach the children the importance of co-operating with others to achieve an outcome. The class can develop techniques about how to communicate effectively with others about how to succeed when playing a sport. The children can discuss how to use problem solving skills to select methods that will enable them to win a team sport or game.

The class can use the skills that they have practiced and developed when playing team sports and games in other curriculum areas. For example, when the children are working in groups to complete a design technology project they can utilise the skills that they adopted when playing a team game to help them co-operate, communicate and problem solve to produce a model. The class can discuss how to support their classmates in achieving an outcome in the classroom using the same skills that they practiced when playing a team game.

Resource Preview Games
Teaching activities to get the children to develop skills in playing team games involving invading and defending skills. The class can practise using a range of equipment when working co-operatively to win a particular sport or game.

Recommended Teaching Group: Reception

Resource Preview Football
PE lesson plans to help the children develop and refine skills when playing a team game of football. The class can learn how to work as part of a team to move a ball about the pitch to help score a goal and win the game.

Recommended Teaching Group: Year 1

Resource Preview Games Skills
PE activity to help the children practise and teach skills in playing games using large balls. The class can discuss techniques that can be used when playing different sports including games that the children have invented themselves.

Recommended Teaching Group: Year 2

Resource Preview Basketball
PE lesson plans to help the children practise and develop skills in playing invasion and defending games. The class can suggest techniques that can help their team succeed and win when playing a small sided game of basketball.

Recommended Teaching Group: Year 3/4

Resource Preview Hockey
PE activity to help the children select and use instructions to teach how to play a game of hockey. The class can then use the selected instructions when teaching the sport to a younger age group in the school.

Recommended Teaching Group: Year 5/6

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