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New Resources
Ice Cream 
Complete number sentences to practise adding one and two to numbers to twenty

New Resources
Seven Days 
Select and use vocabulary to describe the sequence of the seven days of the week

New Resources
Number Squares 
Compare and sort sets of two digit numbers by the place value of the digits

New Resources
Use times tables facts and concrete apparatus to multiply numbers by eleven

New Resources
Space Journey 
Select and use conjunctions to add extra clauses to sentences

ty of different sized vessels using litres and millilitres


New Resources   Information to help support your classroom teaching covering a range of topical issues about school life. There are ideas to help you manage your classroom and inspiration to help bring your lessons alive for the children.

If you have any suggestions for topics that could be covered in our blog then please contact us so that they can be added to this section

Resources Summer Garden
Resource Preview The season of the summer provides an excellent opportunity to get the children to explore gardens and other outdoor spaces to develop and refine skills across a number of curriculum subjects. The children can investigate living things that have made a garden their home by identifying plants that grow in different parts of a garden and classifying insects that live in trees and bushes. They can make models of plants and animals found in a garden by exploring how to combine natural materials to create collages and sculptures.

The children can work in design technology to plan and construct homes and shelters for insects to use in the garden. They can design and make tools that members of their family could use when tending to plants and flowers. The children can test their skills in using compass directions in geography by creating orienteering courses for members of their family to follow. Working in music, the children can investigate how to use percussion instruments to replicate some of the different sounds that might emanate from a family garden during the summer.

Resource Preview Butterfly Symmetry
Teaching activities to get the children to record and create examples of shapes, patterns and colours found on butterfly wings. They can develop vocabulary to describe how butterflies are the same or different.

Suitable for Reception

Resource Preview Plant Recipe
Science activities to help the children identify and record instructions about how to grow plants in a family garden. They can practise planting and growing seeds in a garden such as for runner bean plants or sunflowers.

Suitable for Year 1

Resource Preview Garden Patterns
Art and Design lesson plan to help the children identify and describe different patterns and shapes that can be found in a garden. They can use the discussed ideas to produce their own sculpture to display in a garden.

Suitable for Year 2

Resource Preview Garden Food Chain
Science activity to help the children investigate how energy travels through a food chain in a garden habitat. They can explore reasons why certain living things have made a family garden their home.

Suitable for Year 3/4

Resource Preview Weather Measurements
Geography activities to help the children observe and record information about daily weather patterns in the garden. They can also use maths skills for statistics to present their observations using a range of charts and graphs.

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