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Ice Cream 
Complete number sentences to practise adding one and two to numbers to twenty

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Seven Days 
Select and use vocabulary to describe the sequence of the seven days of the week

New Resources
Number Squares 
Compare and sort sets of two digit numbers by the place value of the digits

New Resources
Use times tables facts and concrete apparatus to multiply numbers by eleven

New Resources
Space Journey 
Select and use conjunctions to add extra clauses to sentences

ty of different sized vessels using litres and millilitres


New Resources   Information to help support your classroom teaching covering a range of topical issues about school life. There are ideas to help you manage your classroom and inspiration to help bring your lessons alive for the children.

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Resources Spring Flowers
Resource Preview Spring provides the children with an excellent opportunity to explore how to use a range of techniques and media to represent flowers in art work. The class can investigate how to use the primary colours of red, blue and yellow to mix other colours and shades to illustrate the variety of colours displayed on the petals of different flowers. The children can compare approaches when working with powder paints as opposed to other media such as using pastels and watercolour paints to achieve different effects.

You can show the class examples of paintings of flowers by famous artists such as Sunflowers by Vincent Van Gogh so that they can discuss the methods employed by each artist before trying to replicate the artwork using the same techniques. The children can also investigate how to select and use different materials to produce collages of spring flowers that can lie flat on the paper or can be moulded into three dimensional shapes such as using papier mache to make the shape of a rose with the final layer created using coloured pages from a magazine to produce the desired effects.

Resource Preview Flower Shapes and Colours
Teaching activities to get the children to describe shapes and colours as seen on collected and pressed flowers as preparation for producing their own artwork of flowers using a range of techniques and media.

Suitable for Reception

Resource Preview Flower Painting
Art and Design activity to help the children Use colour shades to produce a still life painting of a vase of flowers. The class can explore how to mix different colours and shades using the three primary colours to create different effects in their paintings. .

Suitable for Year 1

Resource Preview Sunflowers
Art and Design lesson plan to help the children practise a painting style to replicate the work of a famous artist. The class can investigate how to apply and use paint to create swirls of colours and shapes to represent the sunflowers.

Suitable for Year 2

Resource Preview Colour Collages
Art and Design activity to help the children use different materials to produce a collage to show shades of different colours. The class can select vocabulary to describe shades of different colours.

Suitable for Year 3/4

Resource Preview Georges Seurat
Art and Design lesson plan to help the children practise techniques to create different colour shades in painting. The class can investigate how to use pointillism to build the shape and colours of different flowers.

Suitable for Year 5/6

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