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Information to help support your classroom teaching covering a range of topical issues about school life


New Resources   Information to help support your classroom teaching covering a range of topical issues about school life. There are ideas to help you manage your classroom and inspiration to help bring your lessons alive for the children.

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Resources Sports Day
Resource Preview A school sports day provides an excellent opportunity to get the children to practise and refine their athletic skills for running, jumping and throwing working both individually and co-operatively. You need to carefully manage a sports day so that every child gets to participate fully in a range of sports and games to celebrate their achievements when providing a challenging yet supportive environment in which each child can get the opportunity to excel in a specific sport or game.

You can separate the day into two parts with the children participating in some more fun sports and games in the morning followed by some more traditional races in the afternoon. If you split the school into teams this can also help develop their personal and social skills by getting them to work co-operatively with children from other classes in the school as they try and succeed when competing together in different sports and games.

Sports Day Preparation
It is important the children are fully prepared for a school sports day so that they get to practise and refine skills that they will need when participating in different sports and games. The class should practise all of the different sports so that you can identify and match children to different sports and games that they will have a chance of winning in a school sports day. Build a weekly programme over the summer term to introduce the children to some of the different sports and games that will form part of the school sports day. The children can practise specific skills each week which can then develop into a full practice of all of the sports and games so that the class be fully prepared. Help the children keep a record of their timings and distances in different sports and games so that they can try and beat their previous results. This activity can also support the children's mastery of measurement skills in maths.

School Organisation
As preparation for a school sports day, you will need to separate the children in the school into different teams using colours or other names such as animals or planets. The children in each class can then compete in sports day not only for individual glory but they can race and play games to collect points for their school team. You can mix up the classes so that children from older and younger year groups can work together when participating in a sport or game. You will need to have a sports day rehearsal where the children can practise the different sports and games with their teammates from other classes. During the morning of the sports day, the children from each team can rotate around a series of games. You award points to the winners of each game which can then be collected and aggregated with points won during the afternoon races to find the overall winning team.

Fun Sports Morning
During the morning of a sports day the children can rotate around a number of games that they have been practising in the build up to the event. Select some different games to help the children develop their athletic skill working co-operatively with others. Suggestions for games can include a shuttle run where the children can dodge in and out of cones before passing a shuttle for their teammate to run back through the cones. Another game idea can get the children to practise throwing beanbags into hoops at different distances to try and score some points. You can also get the children to take it in turn to pass the ball to each member of their team in sequence from a specific point until everyone in their team has thrown the ball. One game can get the children to participate in an obstacle course where they can race carrying a bucket of balls over a series of obstacles such as along the top of benches and through some chair legs.

Afternoon Races
In the afternoon, the children can participate in some more traditional track races to try and win individual competitions and points for their team. The children can take part in races working in their year groups ensuring that there are members from each team in the races. Races for this part of sports day can include sprinting, hurdling and skipping down the track. You can also use some cardboard flaps to build hurdles for the children to try racing over as they run down the track. You can also hold a longer race where the children have to run a full lap of the school field. The afternoon can finish with some relay races with children in different year groups racing together to try and win more points for their team.

Prize Giving
Build some time into a school assembly to celebrate the children's achievements during sports day. This can include awarding certificates to children who won games in the fun sports morning and those children who won the more traditional races in the afternoon. You can get some children from an after school computing club to design and print certificates for each of the different sports and games. You can also award a trophy to the winning team in the school which can then be displayed at the front of the school decorated with some coloured ribbons. It would also be a good ideas to award some certificates for children who have shown good sportsmanlike behaviour. Each teacher can be responsible for the selecting one child to award this prize to during the assembly.

Resource Preview
Athletic Skills
Template to help the children keep a record of their results in different athletic skills as they prepare to take part in a school sports day

Teaching Focus: Individual

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