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New Resources
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New Resources
School Blog
Information to help support your classroom teaching covering a range of topical issues about school life


New Resources   Information to help support your classroom teaching covering a range of topical issues about school life. There are ideas to help you manage your classroom and inspiration to help bring your lessons alive for the children.

If you have any suggestions for topics that could be covered in our blog then please contact us so that they can be added to this section

Resources Climate Change
Resource Preview You can develop the children's understanding of the world by getting them to investigate how changes to global climates are affecting landscapes, communities and populations. Working in Geography, the class can explore the range of different climates around the world and predict how those zones might change in the future. The children can identify solutions to some of the problems caused by human interactions to protect our planet for future generations.

The class can practise their persuasive writing skills by getting them to produce magazine articles and letters outlining some of the problems associated with climate change and how these problems could be solved. The children can work in design technology to plan products using recyclable materials as part of a sustainable future for the Earth. Working in Maths, the children can use tables, charts and graphs to keep track of meteorological events to predict future weather patterns and their impact on the world.

Resource Preview River Journey
Teaching activities to get the children to investigate and describe the journey of a river through the landscape. The class can explore how rivers can change the landscape and how their impact can controlled and managed to reduce flooding.

Recommended Teaching Group: Reception

Resource Preview Weather Reports
Geography lesson plan to help the children identify types of weather and record weather patterns for different days of the week. The class can discuss how different types of weather can affect landscapes, communities and populations.

Recommended Teaching Group: Year 1

Resource Preview Weather Scenes
Art and Design activity to help the children discuss and describe how different types of weather are represented in paintings. This can develop the children's understanding of how weather can change parts of the world.

Recommended Teaching Group: Year 2

Resource Preview Weather Station
Design Technology lesson plan to help the children plan how to build different instruments to measure the weather. The class use the produced instruments to make a record of changes to the weather that can be compared with historical data for the local area.

Recommended Teaching Group: Year 3/4

Resource Preview Climate Solutions
Geography activity to help the children discuss different ways of overcoming problems caused by global warming. The class can write speeches outlining their ideas for saving the Earth from a climate catastrophe.

Recommended Teaching Group: Year 5/6

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